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Friday, January 6, 2006

Oh Whitney what happened to you? You were so pretty and seemingly classy in The Bodyguard, now I can't say 'I'll Always Love You.'

I've been tagged (Let's not make it a habit):
Four movies you would watch over and over (and I have!)
When Harry Met Sally
Baby Boom
Die Hard
Four places you have lived
New York, New York
Norton, Massachusetts
London, England
Greenwich, Connecticut

Four TV shows you love to watch (just four??)
Grey's Anatomy
Alias / Lost (same creator, so I'm putting them together ;) Speaking of Lost check out this funny flash video
Golden Girls / Moonlighting / Taxi and so many more

Four places you have been on vacation
Puerto Rico

Four websites you visit daily
Blog Explosion

Four of your favorite foods
Macaroni and Cheese
Dark Chocolate
Lucky Charms
Steak (rare)
Four places you would rather be right now
In my apt or more specifically in my bed
On the beach, but someplace hot, thus not here
With my dad
At the movies, since there are a lot of films I need to catch up on

Four people you are tagging
Nobody, consider yourself lucky!

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