Relationships and Text Messaging

Today another reporter sent out a request looking for people who use text messaging to flirt with someone who they are romantically interested in; to ask someone out on a date via text message; to accept a marriage proposal via text message (are they still married?); to break up with someone via text message.

Now, I know friends who were dumped over the phone and heard that others had it happen in a voicemail, which I think is pretty low, but a text message? That's just spineless.

Although, when I was living in London I was asked out on a date via a text message, which I thought was pretty cute, and have sent flirty messages to people too. Have you experienced any of the reporters criteria? Come on, dish!

I wrote a similar post before called TXT Messaging the New Love Letter.

PS: The new movie Prime with Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep filmed on my block at the begining of the year.

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