My first football game ever

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saturday I went to my first football game EVER. My college didn't have a team, but I watched football on TV of course but no, I never went to a live college or pro game before and was finally able to get the full tailgating experience.

My friend's and recent newlyweds, Divina and Eddy, arranged for me to go with them to the UCONN homecoming game with their alumni frat/sorority group. I had met a bunch of their friends before at previous parties and of course at their wedding this summer, so although I wasn't an alum I already knew some fun people and met more. There had to be about 30 people at least.

9:33 a.m. started drinking OJ, Vodka, Rum & Bacardi Limon (It's the evening somewhere right?) in the yellow school bus they rented to drive us to the stadium in Hartford. The problem with drinking so early though is that the hangover kicks in around 9 o'clock at night.

11:00 a.m. In runway C next to the RVs and other buses, they set up a tent and cooked burgers and hot dogs, yum. There were some drinking races, tossed footballs, smelly portapottys, lots of soaked clothing from the rain and cold limbs. I had to borrow a pair of ski socks and the red rain jacket I'm wearing in the photos. I drank two quarts worth of my mix, although others helped me by taking a sip or two here and there.

4:00 p.m. The game vs Rutgers started at 3 p.m. but time we drunkenly walked to the stadium it was the second quarter and the rain just started to pick up. Thanks for the quick piggy back ride Divina!

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The seats we had were right behind the goal post, I bought some hot chocolate and popcorn. You know you're cold when you go into the heated bathrooms and you don't want to leave the warm stall. I eventually did of course and watched the rest of the game. UCONN was ahead but then Rutgers tied 17-17 and eventually picked up two more points. By this point, 4th quarter, most of us were huddled underneath an overhang and started back to the bus. Sadly UCONN Huskies lost :( And despite the rain and cold toes and other anatomy I had a great day, even wish I had went to a school where I could have done that on a regular basis.

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