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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

After my evening grad class last night, a group of us went to the restaurant opening of Cercle Rouge in TriBeca. They had a three piece brass band outside playing French & Jazz music, inside looked like the set of Victor/Victoria with feathers on display with a 1930s flapper girl feel. We drank strawberry infused champagne and ate scallops, lamb, steak, salmon, apple tarts, and different types of flan. Everything was very yummy and better Plus everything is super great with three, well maybe four, glasses of champagne. One friend said that the people there looked like a caricature of New York City, which was somewhat accurate.
The restaurant was just mentioned in the recent Daily Candy email, check out their commentary, A Perfect Cercle.
I guess I was at a hot event, because the NYC blog Curbed is writing about it as well, Eater Inside: Cercle Rouge.
Also, met Jennifer Leuzzi at the opening, she runs the Snack blog.

PS: thanks Pure Mood and Let's Have It for your CSS help.
DVD Review: I have another review posted at DVDFanatic and am quite proud of how it came out. Ned and Stacey--The Complete First Season.

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