When Tara is away the mice will play!

Monday, September 12, 2005

So I'm in my pajamas watching the Yankees game on TV after coming back from a "Meet the Editors" night at NYU, when I spot something moving from the corner of my eye. A freakin mouse darts by and runs underneath my couch! Now, I live in a very very very small bitchen and knowing a mouse is in my close quarters is freaking me out. I turn my head at every noise and am afraid to not wear my shoes around the apartment.

I had the same problem last fall. The mouse would jump in my garbage bin and I'd run down from my lofted bed, I'm not sure what I planned to do, but it didn't matter anyway since it would scurry away too quickly. After weeks of playing--forgive the pun--cat and mouse, I come home and find him in my trash bin, unable to scurry out since it was empty. I scream, it pees and continues to jump, I continue to scream with each leap it makes towards me. I quickly grab the bin and open the door to my apt, but now that the pail is angled the mouse is able to almost jump out. I swing the pail, mouse and all, into the hallway and slam my door shut. Through my peep hole, I see it climb down the banister upside down and to the first floor, presumably into someone else's apartment. I didn't see a mouse again until today, a year later. I wish Gremlyn was still alive or my dad to help me do something about it.

Any suggestions? Do you think the Sonic Mouse Chaser will work? I just ordered it, I hope its not just BS.

This evening was one of those nights where I just felt like meeting people, so I chatted to three MBA guys at NYU then started speaking to the guy walking next to me on my way home, turns out he lives on the same street as me and goes to the same pizza place. Yes, I've had some red wine and I do feel very very fine ;) And for those who read about how I like to give out my business cards, I managed to keep the cards in my wallet, lol.

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