Why do guys love Dave Matthews?

I've only met one guy my age who does not like him. I'm not saying women are not fans of his too, in fact a lot of my college girl friends were. They had posters in their room and all. I somehow managed to avoid seeing Dave every year when he played a mile down the road from Wheaton College in Mass. Even when my friends had an extra ticket, I still opted not to go. I just was not interested. I like music you can dance to, you can blame my Studio 54 going mother for that ;)

Last summer, I was meeting up with a guy that I was briefly seeing. I was my first time up at his neck of the woods, so I didn't know if we would be going to a restaurant for dinner, movies or yada yada yada. So opting for casual glam, I wore shorts that showed off my tanned long legs and paired them with tiny heels. To my silent horror, a friend surprised him with tickets two tickets to a Dave Matthews concert. I said they could go together and we could meet up another time, but that didn't work. I tried keeping an open mind tho. When I told him that I probably only knew two of his songs, we spent the ride to the Hartford Civic Center listening to Dave's albums.

The four-hour concert was spent with me teetering on heels in the drizzling weather out on the lawn, looking really really out of place, and him drumming on my shoulders (I had a bruise the next day). My dinner consisted of cheesy fries that I paid for, I also "loaned" him cash for a steak sandwich. Luckily I like greasy junk food. The music was not bad the first hour, but then I got really bored. I didn't even know any of the songs that the crowd kept cheering for.

During the never ending instrument solos, I tried to inhale the smoke that was being puffed nearby, hoping that would at least cheer me up. He caught me though, and asked why I was taking such deep breaths, lol. The conversation was minimal, actually there wasn't any since I was shushed whenever I tried to comment. So I stared blankly at the stage and endured the mean looks the women around me kept shooting me. They knew I didn't belong, lol.

I had called my friend who is a fan of his from the bathroom, the reception was not great but I heard, "Tara? At a Dave Matthews' Concert?" then lots of static laughter. Obviously she was no help.

RIP Anne Bancroft (news story) I loved her performance in Malice and Great Expectations

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