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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

At ThoughtMechanics.com, the article is about the lack of male teachers in lower education and how women are more willing to settle for lower wages. To read the full post and to comment, go to: Show Them the Money !

The expression, "It's a man's world," can not be said for the teaching field, now that the number of male teachers is at a 40-year low.

National Education Association (NEA) research shows just 21 percent of the nations 3 million teachers are men.

NEA and MenTeach.org, write that the discrepancy stopping men from entering the profession is lower wages, poor insurance, societal pressure for men to be good providers, low social status, skepticism from the public, fear of being sued and acceptance from friends and family. (read more)

PS: I have a date coming up with the guy I met on the subway late Saturday. I know, I know, sounds sketch, lol.

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