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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


This summer, after a years absence, I was planning on pursuing a job or internship in journalism again. After all, that is what I am getting my master's degree at NYU in and signing lots of loans for. Yet, PR (Public Relations), which is considered the dark side of journalism and the media, has drawn me back into its sticky web.
I've been working at the PR firm, Fusion, in Times Square for the last year and I was just offered a full-time job and a promotion last week. I just accepted. The money is not great, by no means, but I'm still technically a student even if it's a graduate student and the title will look great on my resume. I'm an Account Specialist, not an Account Facilitator but a "specialist" (I actually did the finger quotes in my mind) The pres figured that since I had been there a year, I could forgo the junior title. I'll be working on four different accounts and will be responsible for getting them in the news, so do not be surprised if I shamelessly plug them here on my blog ;) Not that it would count though.
Now, my j-school friends, I'm so not giving up on journalism. I will still freelance, I even have an article coming up in a magazine and hopefully during the Fall I can explore an internship more through my studies. I'm also taking a night course this summer on Travel Writing, so I'll be one class freer come September.
Plus in Fusion's defense, they have a candy wall, foosball table, dart board, bagel Fridays and fun people. I'm also moving from my cubicle to a work station, which is not very different but I'll have more space and be closer to my coworkers. Addison, the boxers wearing Vermont teddy bear on my desk, will like that.
PS: Happy Birthday Audrey! You still look like you're in your thirties, even if you are not out disco-ing anymore! ;) smooches!
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