Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2005

50% of women say their moms are their best friends (Newsweek).

We celebrated my best friend's day on Friday with my Nanny too. The three of us walked around the stores near my apartment and of course ate a lot. It was the first time my Nanny saw my place and she really enjoyed her visit.
This is my Nanny trying out the ladder to my lofted bed in my tiny studio haha, she's too cute!

For a present, I bought my mother a canvas painting by Alice Dalton Brown. I think it will blend perfectly into its surroundings at her home in Connecticut, which overlooks the Long Island Sound :) She had liked a larger painting by Brown, but it was too big for her wall space and detracted from the actual view. This one is large too (22x37) but not as much so.

Whatcha think? The version I got her isn't a print but on a canvas and it doesn't have the signiture part on the bottom.

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