Gas-Mask Car Shopping?

Monday, March 14, 2005

I just spent a long weekend escaping the city up in Quechee, Vermont. I tried cross country skiing for the first time. I had been downhill skiing since I was four-years-old, but had never done the Nordic Track workout version of xc-skiing till now. It was fun!

While up there, me and my girl friends were at a loss as to what to do after hours, since everything closed around 8 p.m. Seriously, when we were eating at Chili's they were mopping around our table by 9:00. We knew of a nice bar but there was a cover and we didn't want to do that. Even though I don't drink beer, we went to the 7 Barrel Brewery, which was supposed to of had a live band, but because of the snow storm they didn't show.

So, on Saturday afternoon when we were getting some coffee and loose tea at at this coffee shop in town. I asked the young hippy guy behind the counter if he could suggest a place to go or some things to do in town that evening. The guy, Travis, was from the nearby town of Woodstock, VT and had captivating blue eyes, I couldn't stop staring, but his hair was all Rastafarian. He was sweet and drew me a map to the aforementioned brewery and suggested sledding on this big hill at night. I was excited about going sledding, but it appeared I was the only one though, so I had to nix that idea unless I wanted to sled solo :( Being bold, I ever so casually gave Mr. Blue eyes with the tangly red hair the phone number of our condo, in case I said if he thought of anything else to do. After a fun evening of hanging around with my girls--eating way too much food (I cooked my famous pasta sauce, with pork and meatballs) and singing with silly accents, "I would walk 500 miles" outside in the snow, we fell asleep to an episode of The West Wing.

In the morning I noticed the answering machine light was flashing, indicating that we had a new message. It was Travis. He was saying hello, and because we didn't answer he said we had probably found something fun to do, which he said was 'awesome.' He added that he was calling because his buddy suggested we try going car shopping with gas masks on(period) No laughter, no teasing. It seemed like he was totally serious. My friends and I were like, "car shopping with gas-masks??" WTF? lol. My friend Stacy didn't seemed as surprised though, saying it sounded like a very rural New England thing to do, but of course she still found it odd.

Have any of you heard of this? Is this a typical outing for bored townies, like cow tipping? Am I missing out on some fun? Honestly, I am intrigued and am a little sorry I missed his call ;)

Link: the above cartoon comes from a google search which led me to the book, An Action a Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away which mentions this idea.

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