All the rage this summer

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

I've been asked by my out-of-state friends and fellow bloggers to report on some of the fashion trends in New York City and considering it's snowing here right now, I thought I'd escape with thoughts of summer.

OK here it is, this summer Moccasins are going to be all the rage! So buy now, while they are relatively cheap. I picked up the ones shown below, but in magenta. Remember the brighter the better.

Wedged heels are going to be big too!

Fur...hopefully fake though.

Ponchos are out, they have been out, only tourists wear them anymore.

And thanks to the Christos art in Central Park, everyone is sporting Orange lately. I've seen orange suede and leather gloves, fluffy saffron scarfs and even men wearing wearing bright pumpkin colored silk ties and shirts under their midnight blue suits.

Big 80s sunglasses, I'll have to tell my mom that she can break out some of her old ones.

Shrunken suit jackets.

Wide skirts, also called trumpet skirts, and 50s style dresses.

Also silky scarves tied around purse straps are still happening.

I'm sure my friend Karen will have more to add :)

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