The Devils Candy

Saturday, January 29, 2005
I'm reading "The Devils Candy" (1991) by The Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Salamon who chronicles the making of the film version of The Bonfire of the Vanities, one of Hollywood's all-time biggest flops. So far it's an absorbing read, mainly because I'm a film buff and the name dropping that goes on is very interesting.

BUT...on the back flap a reviewer writes the following description to talk about how powerfully this book chronicles the destruction of what should have been another great picture by Brian DePalma:

"Like watching a World Trade Center tower topple onto Wall Street." --Kirkus Reviews

What a weird metaphor to have used, but how could Kirkus Reviews possibly have conceived that 10 years later the world unfortunately could very easily picture such devastation in a less figurative way. In hindsight the quote also makes the title of the book "The Devils Candy" take on new meaning.

Here's a photo of the back cover

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