Are they expensive?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

(Looks at price tag)
My mind screams "Yes" in answer.
I have a theory, if a shoe goes by two names--it is expensive! EG: Monlo Blanicks, Jimmy Choos, Franco Sarto, Kate Spade, etc.
Do I own any of these? No. Well, actually I do have a few pairs of Franco Sarto's, they just fit my feet so well and I got them at DSW so they were in the $50 range. Thus, a steal!
And although I love shoes, I would never bring myself to spend the big bucks for the famous designer shoes and plus I'm a baby when it comes to uncomfortable shoes.
I have small feet, size 5, which makes finding "grown up" shoes difficult. I actually end up getting a size bigger and I've gotten so used to sliding in my sneakers and boots that now, when I find a shoe that fits I'm not used to having my toe so close to the edge.

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