Easy Easter Bouquet with Peeps and M&M'S

Easy Easter Bouquet Centerpiece with Peeps and M&M'SHappy Spring everyone!

I'm in love with this easy Easter spring time bouquet centerpiece! Just seeing it on my kitchen table makes me smile and the room more festive.

Here's how to do it:

First, I picked up a bouquet of purple tulips at the grocery store, a bag of pastel Easter M&M's and two boxes of Bunny Peeps in yellow and purple to match the flowers.

I then put the flowers in a small stem vase with water and placed it in a larger hurricane glass vase. Next, I filled the hurricane glass with the bag of M&M's, which quickly worked to hide the tulips' vase, but you might need two bags of M&Ms depending on the size of your vase. Then, I placed the bunny Peeps on top of the hard shell candies and around the bowl for a fun border. Don't separate the individual Peeps, instead keep them in the sets of four that they come in for easier placement. That's it!

TIP: You could also use Jelly Beans instead of M&M's if you wanted bolder colors in lieu of pastels. 

On my table!
Do you have any Easter decorating projects that you're working on? Feel free to share a link in the comments :)
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