Baby bump photos in Manhattan

Besides the early pregnancy photo that I posted of me with the bump sign, I've been eager to take maternity photos as a couple, especially since  Raphael and I never did engagement photos. I don't mean the kind of bump shots that reveal naked bellies or include body art, just couple photos that happen to include the twin bump. I also wanted the pics to tell a story of how we met with a glimpse to our future with the babies.

First, I had to find a photographer that could capture that look. Enter Ami Martin Photography, who also happens to be a WTMB reader and a blogger herself. Although located on the west coast, I read that she typically schedules portrait sessions when she travels, so I reached out to her and found out that she was planning on being in New York in the Fall and voila we booked a 2hr session.

For a backdrop, Raphael and I decided to go back to the beginning, where we met almost seven years ago on the NYC subway at 53rd and Lexington to be exact. We posed at the subway entrance, on the platform, in the train and up in Times Square.

Each spot provided a great pic, so much so that I can't select which is my favorite and which ones I should print and frame. What do you think?


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