I'm pregnant

With twins! Identical twins to be precise.
Before you even ask. No, we did NOT do IVF and yes, twins run in my family. However, apparently identical twins have nothing to do with genetics or fertility treatments. It’s just a miracle, the chances of which are three out of every 1,000 deliveries.

Here’s a more technical explanation: “Spontaneous division of the zygote into two embryos is not considered to be a hereditary trait, but rather a spontaneous or random event. In-vitro fertilization techniques are more likely to create fraternal twins.”

With this being our first children, we're delighted with this miracle, but I’m also nervous. I have no idea what to expect.

I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and in the second trimester. Phew. It was rough for a few weeks, but things are going a little more smoothly now. Thankfully.

Yes, we’re in shock. Keep in mind, I’m only 5’2, so I’m not sure how I can even hold two! lol

We won’t know if we’re having two little girls or two little boys for a few more weeks now, but will keep you all posted.

I’ll try and refrain from posting too many bump/ultrasound photos too ;) Here’s one though of the babies at 9.5 weeks:

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