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August 29, 2011

Tara's Thrift Store

In prep for moving, I've steadily been going through all my belongings and swag and getting rid of things. In doing so, I had a nice compilation of items including purses, kitchen supplies, makeup, beauty items, games etc. Instead of donating or throwing away the loot, I decided to have a fun girl’s night in where my friends helped me drink up my wine/liquor and pick through the nicer items that won't be moving with us. I literally set up a faux shop in the guest bedroom. Thus, Tara's Thrift Store!! I even gave everyone a reusable tote to fill.

So that everyone could leave with at least one item that they could be happy with, each girl picked a number out of the hat numbers 1-10. Lucky girl #1 got to go in first and pick just one item (she chose a gift certificate to an LA spa) and so on. Then, once everyone had their first pick, I let it be a free for all. The store was literally mauled and cleared out in under 5 minutes.

Here's a pick of my group with their top choices:


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