Being Married to a Blogger

As my husband can attest, being married to a blogger has its perks and disadvantages. Take recently, going to the L.A. Kings game in a VIP box was definitely an advantage, but having to watch the game in a Snuggie = disadvantage. Although by the end of the night he seemed loathsome to give it up, lol.

The same thing with the Grammy's. I told him we were going to a Grammy Pre-Party red carpet event, but he soon found out that what I meant was that he was working as my photographer in the pit with professional paparazzi. He took some good photos though. I was at the end of the carpet with most of the online publications doing interviews with the different guests and I'd hear him shout, "Ashanti, right here, right here!" I was so proud. It also ended up being several hours on our feet and way past Midnight before we could call it a night and actually check out the party itself. No such thing as a free ride I guess, but at least we got to be inside the W Hollywood the week it opened, sip some free drinks and walk away with a goodie bag.

Recently, my husband and blogger assistant has been annoyed with my tweeting at the dinner table and in front of friends. The other night, when my plate was delivered it looked so pretty I had to tweet it and while I was on my blackberry, of course I had to check in on FourSquare too. After all, if you give a mouse a cookie it's going to want some milk, or in this case, if you give Tara a blackberry she's going to want to tweet.

When I take him to blogger parties, he hates having to say he's not a blogger since everyone in the room IS a blogger. At some point, he just started responding that he was a "Mommy Blogger" just to fit in. I'm not sure it worked.

Then there is the fact that I’m always complaining about fluctuating traffic to my blog or the knowledge that everything we do could be blogged about at any moment.

So, for guys marrying a blogger… make sure you know what you’re getting into ;)
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