COVERGIRL's Red Carpet Makeover with Rashida Jones

Before the MTV Movie Awards a bunch of beauty bloggers and I were able to watch as actress Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation, I Love You Man and The Office got ready with hair and makeup at the popular Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills. The event was hosted by COVERGIRL and their makeup artist--Molly R. Stern talked us through her choices and provided tips as she applied the different makeup products on the actress for her red carpet appearance.

Molly said normally she'd do red carpet prep at a celebrities home or hotel and that first she'd ask what they were looking to accomplish, how they were planning to wear their hair and lastly what they were planning on wearing. Rashida had her hair up with extensions and braids added in and said that she wanted a natural look, but something colorful just not heavy handed. With that in mind, Stern sprayed some rose water on Rashida's face and then applied COVERGIRL's new Simply Ageless Serum Primer, which comes out next month. Stern told the watching audience that "less is more" and reminded us that it was easier to build than take away.

Rashida and Molly both said that they loved using blush (especially a creme blush) because it makes you look more awake and alive. Molly went so far as to say that if she was on a dessert island and could only grab two beauty tools it would be blush and an eyelash curler. Some other upcoming COVERGIRL makeup was revealed like their liquilineblast, which is like a liquid eyeliner, but a cream stick on one end and a smudge tool on the other side to blend it in more. All along Molly kept putting the different COVERGIRL colors on her hand like a painter's tray and then applying to Rashida.

Rashida meanwhile was very down to earth and kept interacting with all of us. Surprisingly, it was discovered that she recently wrote a comic book called Frenemy of the State and is eager for Comicon. She also mentioned that one of her pet peeves is grammar and people using regimen instead of regime (guilty!).

Now, here Rashida is--as my Nanny would say--"with her face on"


  1. rashida is gorgeous! and glad she was so nice, what a fun event.

  2. I really like her and what an awesome event.