Epilady review and giveaway worth $75

After visiting the Epilady booth while at the Housewares show and seeing their online Hautelook sale, I had wrote here that I was going to try using an epilator and review it for ya'll.

An Epilator is like an electric shaver, but instead of just trimming the hairs it plucks them from the root like a tweezer, thus it's like an electric tweezer. Tweezing in general isn't that much fun and can cause redness, which was the case here too. However, the redness was just temporary and I actually had more redness and bumps from shaving in the past, while the epilator left me as smooth as a baby within a few hours after using it and applying lotion. As some of you mentioned previously in my comments using an epilator does hurt, especially in the bikini area, but you do get used to it the more use it and it's fleeting.

Also, since it grabs the hair from the root, it allows more time in between till you have to use it again, just like waxing, but in the privacy of your own home and for less money. Epilady products are around $50 to $75, thus eventually it is less than paying $30 plus tip for each bikini wax. Also, supposedly hair grows back more slowly, and diminishes over time and new hairs grow back softer and lighter. I have noticed the time claim, but have to continue using longer to know for sure.

Tips for using an epilator:
take a warm shower prior to epilating. What this does is open your pores up and will help reduce discomfort and make epilation more efficient. After epilating, do not apply any creams or lotions until about an hour later. This is because your hair shafts are open and when creams are applied, it clogs up these shafts. This may lead to ingrown hairs. You also have to make sure you're holding it at a 80 degree angle and not straight on.

The cool people of Epilady that I met at the Housewares show are actually allowing me to hold a giveaway for an Epilady Legend -Rechargeable Epilator worth $74.95. This product may be used on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face, comes in two operating speeds and includes adapter, cleaning brush, carrying case and instruction manual. To enter, comment here about why you'd want an Epilady. Please don't forget to leave your email address in the body of your comment or link back to a blogger profile or website that actually has your email address on it. For extra entries tweet this giveaway. Ends Wednesday, April. 21. Good luck! Update: Congrats to Jill!

Coupon Code: Even if you do not win you can still receive 10% off your purchase at http://www.epiladyusa.com/ by using my blog code “TMB”
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