The Oscars in 3D

Tonight, I was among the first group to ever watch the Academy Awards red carpet arrivals in 3D. At the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills as guests dressed in ball gowns and tuxes were heading to the actual ceremony, I joined another well dressed group to watch the Oscars on Samsung's 3D TV's, which debuted during CES in January.

The Samsung 3D Oscars event was hosted by John Henson of ABC’s Wipe Out and formerly of Talk Soup. Also at the party was my NY blogger friend Aly Walanksy and LA bud Shop Eat Sleep.

My favorite part of the event was seeing George Clooney in 3D (sigh!). At one point he pointed to someone behind the cameraman and waved and thanks to the 3D glasses that I was wearing it looked like he was waving right at me. At times the cameramen in the front row would turn with their massive equipment and it looked like they were popping out of the TV. Also, when the women would turn in their dresses it looked very real. Meanwhile, Melanie Griffith's boobs looked even larger in 3D, lol. Due to the open bar though it felt like I was watching the arrivals in 4D ;)

I wonder if one day it will be run-of-the-mill to watch the Oscars in 3D, I guess we'll have to wait and see. The Samsung 3D LCD TV's will officially be launching on Tuesday.

PS: Boo to the Oscars for not having Bea Arthur in the memorial montage. Besides being on TV she was in the popular musical Mame.
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