An Alice in Wonderland tea party

On Friday evening, I rushed to the amazing W Hollywood so that I wouldn’t be late for a very important date—an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party hosted by the hotel and my new employer, Disney Consumer Products.

The cocktail party was in honor of the theatrical release of the film, which was also on that same day, as well as to showcase the amazing Alice inspired jewelry, fashion, and accessories in a pop-up gallery on display in the hotel's lobby. The gallery displayed some jaw dropping Sue Wong dresses available at Bloomingdale's, Tom Binn's jewelery and Charlotte Tarantola's feminine cardigans.

Besides the gallery, the cocktails and food being served were all Alice inspired. Plus, amazing Alice garden installations were seen throughout the lobby and the staff wore wacky Mad Hatter hats, while Bliss Spa manicurists were applying OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polishes for eager guests. Also, seen throughout the crowd was an Alice, White Rabbit and a Red Queen mingling with guests.

You know how I love themes, so I willingly fell down the rabbit hole and donned a Mad Hatter tee from Bloomingdale's plus some Cheshire Cat ears from Hot Topic.
Luckily I also got to spend some time hanging with my blogger friends Esther, Lindsay and Maya.

To complete the night of Wonderland, Raphael and I then headed to the midnight showing of the film at the El Capitan Theater and movie palace, which had a little pre-show of their own and other cool effects not found at a typical movie theater. I'm definitely going to try and see other shows there in the future as it combined the fun of going to the movies with going to see a show.


  1. very cool! we watched alice in wonderland on opening night. we didn't dress up, but there were quite a few in top hats. i guess a lot of mad hatter fans! ;)

  2. i love your outfit and it looks like such a fun night, love it.

  3. sounds like so much fun!!!!!

  4. How fun! It looks like you did a great job planning the tea party!

  5. I love the El Capitan Theater. Great Post! keep it up