Meeting Scott Bakula

Today, for Chevrolet I got to film actor Scott Bakula picking up the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle to drive to the Screen Actors Guild Awards this weekend. Apparently, besides being of Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Enterprise and NCIS fame, he is also a SAG Awards committee member and passionate about alternative fuels.

I was super excited to meet him as my dormant Quantum Leap crush on him from years ago started to resurface. I may or may not of had an 8x10 headshot of his up in my college dorm room. Anyway, I tried to conceal my glee and be uber-professional as he shook my hand and looked adorably huggable in a ribbed chocolate sweater. He was just how I expected him to be too, soft spoken, friendly and genuine. So, sitting in the passenger seat next to him, I did a quick Flip cam Q&A about the vehicle as rain wreaked havoc outside.

Disclaimer: Chevrolet is a client of Weber Shandwick and I conducted the above video interview on behalf of my PR agency.
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