My Visit to the MinuteClinic

Last week was National Influenza Vaccination Week and as a result CVS/pharmacy invited me to visit one of their local MinuteClinic locations and get the H1N1 vaccine, which costs only $15 and is available in thousands of CVS and MinuteClinic locations in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

I jumped at the invite since I've yet to get the seasonal flu shot this year since I was on a business trip when my office was offering them and of course it hasn't been easy to get the H1N1 vaccine if you're not a child, elderly or pregnant.

A CVS near me in Marina Del Rey has a MinuteClinic so I went and met with one of their nurse practitioner's (John) and was in and out in ten minutes. I have to say I was really impressed with the computer check-in, clean waiting area and personal patient rooms. I also learned that the MinuteClinics are open seven days a week and you could go if you feel like you have flu-like symptons, strep, rashes, burns and get a diagnosis without going to a crowded doctor's office. They also take some insurances, like Blue Cross Blue Shield. I'm definitely going to remember that the next time I'm searching for a doctor's office open on a Sunday instead of being forced to go to some ghetto clinic out of the way.

I had Raphael go the next day and get his too. Have you gotten yours?

Disclaimer: CVS is represented by Weber Shandwick's Cambridge office, but again I do not work on the account, but did receive a complimentary vaccination as media.


  1. Sadly, we have no CVSes near us, they are clearly a source of a lot of fun things, from a lot of coupons to something like this. I've gotten the seasonal shot for free through work and still waiting on getting H1N1 if work offers it. So far I've been healthy...hope to keep it that way! :)

  2. Haha...that comment was by me, Nathan, accidentally logged in under my wife's account. DOH! :)

  3. It is long overdue, these clinics for the general public.

  4. i LOVE the minute clinic - walgreen's has a similar clinic type program but i haven't used theirs. Hubs was super sick with sinus and ear infections - friday night we went there, had no wait and were in and out within 30 minutes which includes waiting for the prescription :) Big, big fan!

  5. Man I wish we had clinics like this near me. With the amount of time I waste with two kids in the hospital the government would save thousands each year by having a few of these clinics around!