Just when you think you're grown up

you go home and act like a kid again. I know I'll always be my mother's baby, but it's funny how when I'm back home I act like I am. How easy it is to add my clothes to the laundry basket and to ask for a glass of water even though I can very well go and get it myself and would if I was at my house. I even find myself getting a little testy like a teenager or something. Despite my age, accomplishments and self sufficency elsewhere in the world it all seems to disappear somewhere in my pastel colored room filled with my dusty, once loved dolls. I've been looking/cringing at photos and reading letters, cards and love notes that I've saved over the years and it's like I'm lost between the present and the past, where neither exists. It's nice being babied every once and awhile though and not act like a grown up for a few hours.

Anyway, this week I'll be traveling to Manhattan and Atlanta with hopefully some interesting blog posts for you later.
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