Wisk-ed away

I'm back in New York this week for a client media event--"Bubbles & Bubbly" from LaundryHE.com (You might have seen people tweeting about it using the hashtag #WiskNYC).

In a stylish loft in Chelsea, the event covered all things bubbles, when you need them (in Champagne) and when you do not (in your HE washer). By going to different activity stations, we all learned that more bubbles do not equal cleaner clothes. Instead, excess soap bubbles can actually keep your clothes from getting clean and lead to buildup, so I'm definitely going to be more careful and measure the amount of detergent that I pour into my wash, especially since my building has an HE washer.

Along with other bloggers I sipped Champagne, got my fortune read from a bubble reader (kind of like tea leaves but with bubbles, she's even read Carson Kressley's) and got to play a detergent scientist in the laundry classroom, where we donned fun rubber gloves and removed grass stains to see the differences between regular and high-efficiency detergent. I also got to catch up with friends Aly Walansky, Dancing Hot Dogs and I'm Not Obsessed, plus met Keeping the Castle, Latina on a Mission, Mommy Goggles, blasianbabynotes.blogspot.com and many more blogging rock stars.

For those who couldn't be at the event, you can take the online bubbles quiz and enter for a chance to win an HE Washer and Dryer (it's red too!) and daily giveaways for Wisk HE detergent in their Bubbles & Bubbly contest.


  1. Was SO good to see you, T! I love that ages can go by that we don't see each other - but still we can talk like a day hasn't passed. Thanks for the inspirational lychee drink!

  2. I had a really good time at the Wisk event! and I loooove that I am Wisk certified Bubble Expert.

  3. Hi Tara. It was great to meet you in person. :)

  4. It was great seeing you at the event and at Blogalicious!