Legally Blonde The Musical

Last night, Raphael and I headed back to The Pantages Theater (we went to see Fiddler on the Roof last month) for some lighter fare, this time for Legally Blonde The Musical. I liked the film, but it's not like I own the DVD or anything, so I was skeptical going into the musical adaptation. Also, it didn't help my opinion any seeing Hugh Hefner's blonde twins from The Girls Next Door in short hot pink dresses enter the theater as we arrived followed by paparazzi.

The opening number, involved a lot squealing girls and I started to feel bad for making Raphael go, however, once I accepted that this was going to be silly and fun, I started enjoying it more and the numbers also got catchier as the show went along and the plot progressed.

The star of the show playing Elle Woods is Broadway alum Becky Gulsvig, who was very vivacious and reminded me of a cross between Kristin Chenoweth and the mermaid Ariel. Other scene stealers include two live dogs, whose timing and cuteness impressed the audience and caused collective "awww's." Overall, I can describe the musical as fun with lots of pink and pep! I went away with a smile and a bubbly feeling influenced by the bubbly characters and storyline no doubt. Raphael liked it as well, so alls well that ends well.
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