Fat Burner Energy Lip Balm?

Another odd product that I had to try and review for ya'll is Burner Balm, a chapstick that supposedly boosts your energy level and helps control cravings.

Since I'm a lip balm addict as it is and because I do not drink coffee, I thought the combo might be interesting especially on tiresome days. However, caffeine can sometimes make me shaky when I do have it and I feared that side effect. Luckily, this balm didn't make me too caffeinated, but did provide a quick pick me up (doesn't last too long though). It also feels like regular chapstick, no burning of the lips or tingling like with lip plumpers.

They claim that "putting on the flavored lip balm with Green Tea Extract could be a distraction from eating, similar to chewing sugar-free gum.” I'm not sure if it was just a placebo effect and that I willed it to work, but the balm did distract me from snacking at work, plus who wants to ruin a nice shine on the lips with crumbs and food?

Burner Balm is currently only available online for $5.99 (Amazon and at burnerbalm.com) and comes in five yummy flavors, acai berry, original, strawberry, vanilla and pomegranate. I have the original and strawberry and both taste and feel nice, but I have my eye on the vanilla as well.
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