Restaurant review: STK in 14 dishes

Yesterday, I joined a group of 19 food bloggers for a complimentary 14 plate meal and cocktails at the celebrity infested hotspot--STK in West Hollywood courtesy of The One Group. I've only been to STK once before for the DVD premier of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (post here).

I quickly learned three things:
1. I cannot eat that much.
2. I need a better camera or eye to photograph food.
3. I'm not a food critique.

Sure, I've written about food before, especially cupcakes, but I'm not critical enough or maybe I simply do not have a refined enough pallet to properly articulate what I like or do not like about my meal. For instance, one food blogger commented that the chicken was dry, but I really liked it and didn't even notice that. Another said truffle oil is so last year, but I was licking it up. I was reminded of that old Apple Jacks cereal commercial with the slogan "We eat what we like," and apparently I liked it all at STK. Granted, I'm sure we were being served the best of the best and were also being overly attended to, which could of course be impairing my judgment. Overall I enjoyed my meal, especially the presentation, drinks and atmosphere. My favorites on the food front were the sweet corn pudding, which I didn't think I'd like but yum, the macaroni and cheese, jumbo lump crab meat salad, red snapper and their lil'big macs. The only two items that I didn't like were the Tuna Tartar, which was too spicy for me and the roasted beets with yogurt but I'm not a beet lover in general.

I might not be able to ascertain food that well, but drinks, now that's another story. Made by the handsome mixologist Pablo Moix we sipped around seven of his powerful cocktails. The most creative and wowing to my taste buds was the "Green Intensity," a spicy martini made with gin, lime juice, with a floating Serrano chili slice and basil leaves. A food stylist named Adam who was in attendance accurately described it by saying "it tastes like Thailand in my mouth." We then tried the Capsicum Mojito, which easily won best presentation, with a bell pepper rung around the top and mint leaves springing out of it. I made the joke that this one tasted like Vietnam and surprisingly people agreed, lol. My favorite cocktail though was the STK's delicious, which had xo and raspberry puree to make it like an alcoholic smoothie. The expert on all this though would be Natalie at who was also there.

Other bloggers I talked with included: Pleasure Palate,, Gourmet Pigs, Matt Bites, mattatouille, Kung Food Panda, gastronomy and Adventures in Eating. Next week, we're all headed to The One Group's One Sunset.

My goodbye party in New York was held at One Little West 12th near my apartment, so I'm eager to try the West Coast edition.
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