L.A. Blogger Spa Party by BOCA

Today after work and a weekend of being sick with strep throat, I headed to a L.A. Blogger Night presented by BOCA, the makers of those meatless patties, a line of soy-based foods from burgers to sausages to chik'n and entrées. Held at the swanky Voda Spa in Hollywood, fellow area bloggers (half mom bloggers, half lifestyle) and I were pampered with an evening of mani/pedis, mini-massages and easy meditation tips designed to help live balanced lives.

Now, if you know me, you might already be laughing, because you know I'm not a veggie person, so I wasn't particularly looking forward to the food at the event, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The soy chik'n lettuce wraps could rival P.F. Chang's and I didn't mind the mini burgers, maybe because they are soy and not veggie burgers. Apparently BOCA products are a good source of fiber, which is something I do need more of in my diet as well as vegetables, which my husband keeps insisting is the reason why I get sick so often and he doesn't. I went home with some coupons and I'm actually going to cash them in and try incorporating into my diet.

At the event, I got a mini massage and learned some yoga moves to do at my desk, especially took away the need to exercise your hands if you work on a computer all day by rolling them around or squeezing a stress ball throughout the day. I also got a manicure and went bold and picked a jungle red-like nail polish (the new version of the film The Women was the inspiration for that).

Besides the coupons I also walked away with some cool items, which they kindly gave me double of to do a blog giveaway here for my readers. So up for grabs I have a a pretty daily calendar, meditation CD, free BOCA product coupon, recipes and an eco-friendly bag from Envirosax (this one). Just comment here with your email addy or a way that I can contact you along with info on any excerisizes that you do during work or your take on BOCA patties and I'll randomly pick a winner this Sunday. Good luck!

Update: Heidi at legallyheidi.com won the BOCA gift pack. Congrats.
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