Working Girl

That's me! This week I'm working in Westchester, New York (where I was born) at Pepsi headquarters. I'm staying at my Nanny's and commuting in a rental car, Chevy Malibu (holla!). And lucky me, it's the coldest it has been here in several years, goodie. It's nice being back in my old hood though and the snow that's on the ground is pretty despite the cold.

Next up, I'm heading to Washington, D.C. and will be there till Thursday for the Inauguration and local events and activities going on. The main purpose of my trip though is to be there to help 24 grade school students from Chicago blog about their experience at courtesy of the McCormick Foundation.

My friends who live in the area are leaving town in order to escape the crazyness that is expected in the city. I'm excited and not sure what to expect though. I haven't been to the city for almost 10 years now, back when I was looking at colleges. I'm excited and hope to report back with some interesting news.

Despite the opportunity, I'm going to be missing my babies, but hopefully I'll be getting some good blog fodder for you all and of course, witness history!
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