Mrs. Ocampo Goes To Washington

(that's my married name)

Now where do I start? I've been here in D.C. since Saturday (Delta lost my baggage for a day) and I've been tagging along with 24 fifth and sixth graders from Chicago--the D.C. 24--as they explore the capital for the first time. It's been a lot of fun although tiring. All the kids are super sweet and very polite. As I visited the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Air and Space Museum with them, I felt like I was on my 8th grade class trip again. My job is to help them blog their stories about their trip and capture video to upload at You can briefly see me in a gold jacket helping one of the girls use her Flip camcorder in this NBC news story about the students.

We also ran into Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and the kid's took the opportunity to interview her (see it here).

Anyway, it's amazing being here. Everyone is so happy and smiling at strangers. Every stand and shop is capitalizing on the 4 million people in town though and selling Obama gear from hats, sweatshirts, pins to trading cards and breath mints. The crowds are already massive, so I can't imagine how it will be on Inauguration day tomorrow. I'll soon find out though as I'll be out on that lawn from 6 a.m. I'm dreading waiting in the cold, but know in hindsight I'll be happy to say that I was there to witness history first hand. Wish me luck and do follow me on Twitter and shoot me a note to keep me sane.


  1. That's awesome! I'm sure the excitement from the massive crowd will keep you warm tomorrow.

    And congrats Mrs. Ocampo. :-)

  2. Last Twit I see from you, you're avoiding hydration... Fun! Have a blast. I'm going to get details on the Obamaguration from a colleague who trekked down too.

  3. hope you had a great time! can't wait to see what the kids blogged.