November 26, 2008

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My dad's a funny guy. He's never had a cat before, so I humor him when I can, especially when he has treats. Here he is, thinking I'm a dog and "training me" to do tricks. Oh, and that's my mommy laughing. She doesn't laugh though when I sit on her hard, glowing, chair, especially when she's playing with it first. She needs to learn how to share.


  1. Patches I would like to say that you are about 1 trillion time better trained that my two wild and feral Dauchsunds. keep up the good work.

  2. my poor future grandchildren.

    Tara's Mom

  3. Yikes, has it come to this, cat-blogging?? I guess if you keep it to a minimum...

  4. ok, so patches sits, lays and turns at command, but can he bark!

    your sis irene

  5. Patches is adorable - and smart to boot! Loved the video :)

  6. Keep us informed of Patches achievements. It's great! I love cats and dogs. I found the most hysterical video on cats that will make you laugh to tears. I added it to my blog. Click on "Pussycat Misfits" under PREVIOUS POSTS.


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