Pinkberry blog night

Last night, I attended a Pinkberry blogger and groupie night at the yogurt chain's very first shop in WeHo (West Hollywood), where a new product was being announced--Granita.

Basically, it's a Pinkberry slushy in a drinking cup and sipped through a straw. Thus, it's perfect for on the go or in the car. It's a lot like the original, with the same tangy taste, but the Granita is a bit more icy and granular and of course easier to drink. Some of the bloggers there said they liked it better than regular Pinkberry even. I thought it was refreshing and could see myself having it at lunch or buying a big batch of it and spiking it for a party. Granita comes in two sizes: Small ($3.00) and Large ($3.50). However, for right now it will only be available in select stores in California, including: Americana in Glendale; West Hollywood and the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles; Fashion Island in Newport Beach; and Gaslamp District and Hillcrest in San Diego.

Anyway, back to the party. There was a DJ spinning, who took my request and played Michael Jackson's PYT. I also met some bloggers that I hadn't met face-to-face yet and chatted with some familar online friends too.

Also, Olympic silver medalist, Peter Hudnut from the U.S. men's water-polo team was there with his medal, which I got to hold and pose with. It was pretty heavy, not sure I'd want that around my neck for too long, it was also suprisingly smooth to the touch. Turns out Peter was also named Cosmopolitan's California Bachelor for 2007. Ladies, here he is, and he eats Pinkberry too! (I hate how all the pics I've taken with celebs lately make me look so tiny)

The event lasted for two hours and here's a particularly funny photo along the way, we were doing a "model" pose. I think I'll call it, Pouting with Pinkberry:
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