At the Igor premiere

On Saturday I attended the premiere and pre-show party for the new animated film, Igor, which comes to theaters next Friday, Sept. 19th. The cartoon flick features the voices of John Cusack, Molly Shannon, Jennifer Coolidge, Steve Buscemi and Arsenio Hall, all of which I was lucky enough to interview briefly while on the purple carpet (see my videos below). I also, interviewed the writer of the film Chris McKenna again, as well as the kid from Tropic Thunder, Brandon Soo Hoo.

Since I'm usually at the end of the press line, I only get one or two questions with the different stars and because I'm not with a network or publication, it's only me to work the camcorder, take photos and ask the questions. Also, in terms of respectability I usually get dissed because I'm just a blogger, but it doesn't help that I have a tiny pink Flip camcorder either.

First, here are some photos of me interviewing John Cusack, in one he's even teasing me by picking up and checking out my Igor media badge :)

However, John was a tough interview as were most of them actually, not elaborating on their answers or jiving with my jokes, but then again it was early in the morning on a Saturday and it was an overcast day and all. Steve Buscemi kind of mocked my voice and question at one point, but at least he was being playful and answered my questions fully. Jennifer Coolidge and Brandon Soo Hoo were the easiest to talk to. Sean Hayes and Eddie Izzard didn't even make it to the print part of the press line, so all I got was a photo, but I've seen Sean before. Anyway, here's the resulting video (please excuse my laugh):

I also captured this candid conversation between Cleavland natives Molly Shannon and Arsenio Hall, which occurred right in front of my spot in the press line:

Below are some other purple carpet photos:

Inside The Actor's Studio James Lipton

Sean Hayes and James Lipton

Steve Buscemi

Brandon Soo Hoo

Jennifer Coolidge

Eddie Izzard

More: I did a separate video, with more interviews from the event over at
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