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What do you stand for?

If I've been a bit quiet the last few weeks, it's because I've been obsessed with creating the following viral video for the movement Stand Up To Cancer. My colleagues and I came up with the idea of showing a bunch of images of people holding signs that say why they are standing up to cancer, E.G. For my mom, hope, healthy boobs, whatever their connection to cancer is and why they are tired of this disease affecting their life and taking life. Thus, showing how we are all affected by cancer. After all, no one is immune to the effects.

So that was the idea but next step was getting people from all over to submit their photos. I reached out to a bunch of bloggers asking them to get involved and although saddened to hear of their connections to cancer, I was delighted by how creative everyone was and am proud of the end result. In conjunction to all this we had to find the right song and finally chose Sister by Jennifer O'Connor, which is unfortunately based on her own cancer story.

Anyway, here it is:

Besides me, below are the other bloggers, sites and authors that participated in the video. Thank you!:

If you'd like to get involved you can submit a photo to su2cancer at gmail dot com or check out the Virtual Stand-Up and pass the word. Oh, and of course do not forget on Sept. 5th to watch the Stand Up To Cancer telecast airing on NBC, ABC and CBS!


Maral said...

What a beautiful video. Nice to see the product of all your hard work the past few weeks. Did you want me to cry at work!? Amazing job, I will be sure to send it around.

Katelin said...

the video is fantastic tara. i guess i didn't get my submission to you soon enough? but it looks good anyways :)

Jen said...

Tara, this video is AMAZING. I have tears streaming down my face! I will do everything I can to promote it on Look to the Stars and Cancer Nerd. I've already posted it to my Facebook page and sent it to my close friends and family. GREAT work. Your photo is incredible, and the whole piece is just fantastic. You should be proud!

Audrey said...



ChristianPF said...

Good job and thanks for putting this together - I am proud to have gotten to be part of it..

Love, Netta said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Way to go. It is really beautiful. Great work!

suki said...

I'll send a photo soon! :)

Thom Singer said...


You did an amazing job on this video. It made me sad, and yet gave me hope.

I am honored to be part of it. Even 24 years later, I still miss my mom.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job, Tara!!


april said...

It gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes!


Rachael said...

It is amazing! I loved your photo and will be passing this on to everyone I know.

Monsieur J said...

Hi Tara,
Well done on this vidéo!!

I would like to speak about a french blog about breast cancer dedicated to women fighting the disease :

Anonymous said...

I totally cried!! It was beautiful.


BethP said...

Great idea! I'm raising money for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation in honor of my mom, a breast cancer survivior, while I complete my first triathalon in September.

I created a personal fundraising page using Firstgiving: I wish I could swim/bike/run with a sign like these!

Zhen said...

Great job Tara! It came out beautiful and it did strike a cord with my sensitive side.

Keep the Positive Energy Flowing said...

Great job! Brought me to tears. My wife just finished the sixth of eight rounds of chemo as she heals from breast cancer recurrence. Let's find a cure to cancer, NOW!!!
Her blog:

Karen said...

Great job, Tara! It's beautiful and touching.

Jon Ray said...

I really enjoyed seeing this video. We are working on something similar for My Charms for Charity, but you have certainly set the bar high. What a terrific way to promote a good cause! ;)

Colosj said...

I hope that someday the medical world will find a cure for all types of cancer.I hope that someday cancer can be wiped out for ever.