LA Cupcakes: Essential Chocolate Desserts

It had been awhile since the last cupcake meetup, but the other day my LA Cupcakes MeetUp Group had its 18th get together at Essential Chocolate Desserts Company in Culver City. Living so close to this bakery, I only had to peddle my pink bicycle there, effectively jostling the to go cupcakes on the way home though.

This bakery and coffee house provides handmade desserts, brownies, moonpies and baked goods to cafes and restaurants throughout Los Angeles--The Abbey, Alcove, Aroma, Sunset Marquis and Pit Fire Pizza. Essential Chocolate was also one of the winners in the Cupcake Challenge a few months ago for their Blood Orange Fudge cupcake, which I absolutely love.

Their "Jumbo" sized cupcakes are normally $4 each, but our group received a special group price of $3.50 each, they also had some extra flavors available for us like Dulce De Leche, which was very rich. All of their icings were especially great and their chocolate cake seemed more of their specialty though as per the name of their shop would suggest.

We also had a great turn out of 27 people, men and women.


  1. Ooh, I'm so telling my cupcake-obsessed friend Sarah Grace about you!

  2. You are so the Cupcake Queen.


  3. i will definitely try and make it to the next meetup, it's been too long!

  4. That was a great meetup and the cupcakes were sooo good.