A slice of history

Despite all the years I that lived in the City, tonight was the first time I dined at the famous Lombardi's Pizzeria, the world's first pizza place! Being a pizza snob, having grown up in my dad's pizza shop (that story is here), I actually hardly eat pizza since its not often that a slice can compare to his, especially none outside of New York. However, I must admit this comes very close and was really great, thus my eating four slices and our group ordering four pizzas (spinach and ricotta; sausage and mushroom; pepperoni and olives; and meatball). Their crust is a bit on the thin side though, but the sauce was delicious as was the fresh mozzarella and basil on top. It's not too surprising that I liked their pizza though since the recipe is Napoletan and my dad is also from Naples, so that's the kind of Italian food that I typically prefer. Also, Caffe Napoli in Little Italy is amazing too, went there just yesterday evening.

Staying in a hotel and visiting the tourist spots like Lombardi's, I feel like a visitor in my own city. I feel like it's no longer my time, but instead it's now someone else's adventure that I'm just guest starring in. Hell, it was a good run while it lasted. The city's subway gave me my future husband after all and a lot of great memories. Plus, I'll always have New York even if it now belongs to someone else. (Too sentimental? Well, the city does that to me, so please forgive me).
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