Bridesmaid dresses, showers and the like

Still no luck finding shoes for my wedding dress, but I did pick out the bridesmaid dresses at The Knot's bridal sample sale in downtown L.A. Here's my bridesmaid Nicki with the dress.

I'm sooo just kidding!! lol. This dress was even brighter in person, so I made her pose with it. Actually I'm not picking out dresses for my bridal court at all. Instead, I gave them a red color swatch and told them to try and match it as best as possible but that they could go and pick their own dress. It could be long, it could be short, it could be whatever. I've been a bridesmaid before and know that not everyone can look good in the same dress and since everyone has a different body type and financial position, I'm letting them pick the style that best fits them and in the price range their comfortable with and hopefully it's something they could indeed where again. I can't wait to see what everyone picks out. I'm having seven bridesmaids and one maid of honor for a grand total of eight! It's going to be big, but I've heard of worse.

Meanwhile I just heard and ultimate bridezilla story. Apparently this one bride gave all her bridesmaids a year membership to Bally Total Fitness! Could you imagine? What nerve.

So here's a big coincidence, a friend of mine went to an advanced screening of the Sex and the City movie (she loved it) and get this, Carrie's wedding date in the film is the same as mine, the wedding is on September 20th! I love it! I had just picked a weekend in September because of my last name meaning September in Italian--Settembre, and because it was the last day of summer. The reason why it's a coincidence though is because my upcoming bridal shower on 4th of July weekend has a Sex and the City theme. I'll of course go into more detail with photos of that after the shower.

Speaking of the shower, I received my first two shower gifts this week. My Aunt sent us a beautiful red Kitchen Aid mixer, which I had on our wedding registry. It's something I've always coveted but would never buy for myself since it's a bit extravagant. It matches perfectly with my red kitchen theme too. I'm still in shock that I own one of these bad boys that I keep petting it as I walk by, much to Raphael's eye rolling, lol.

Nicki (mentioned above) also gave me a basket full of red kitchen goodies this weekend. She wrapped another gift in red dish towels, how clever is that?!
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