Nice to meet you

It’s funny, now that I’m not going on dates anymore, but have been actively trying to make more friends out here in L.A., I can’t help but notice the similarities of making a new friend and dating. There’s the exciting getting to know you phase, the interview like questions, the awkward moments and then you either bond or some annoying habits or personality traits arise that you don’t like in a friend. Or maybe it turns out that their just not that into you either ;)

Most of all, new friendships take work, just like new relationships. You have to actively make an effort, plan events and outings, think about what you’re going to wear, etc. I’m not saying I’m like this with all my friends, just the new ones. My friendships from college, high school and in New York City have already been forged and the cream has already risen to the top and our rough patches are already over and done with (hopefully!). I miss them.
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