My Little Cupcake

My Los Angeles Cupcakes Meetup Group headed to My Little Cupcake in Studio City this past weekend.

I had heard mixed reviews and I think in the end we were still mixed. The strawberry cupcake was very moist and we all liked that it had real strawberry bits inside. The other cupcakes though were a bit dry or at least not as moist. Besides their big cupcakes they also sold mini ones for only $1.00, which is cool. Their Hi Hat cupcake is interesting, it has a marshmallow on top and the entire chocolate cupcake is dipped in chocolate. Other members liked their red velvet cupcake, Bugs Bunny (organic carrot cake) and their Reese's one. The owners come from Israel and say they have been around for a year and a half now, but baking for four. There are tables outside, but it was a windy day and their balloons tied to the chairs kept hitting us. (Photos). One of our newer group members, Laura, also designs cakes, you can check them out at Cakes by Mom.

Oh, and I wore my new cupcake ring (I'm obsessed!) from Thank you PulpSushi for tipping me off about the online store

PS: Top 50 Los Angeles Blogs -- guess who is number 10!?

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PPS: I just rode the elevator with actor Grant Show from Melrose Place. His hair was a bit longer and he looked tan and comfortable in jeans and a tight dark tee. He's looking older, but sexier too. I had jumped into the elevator just as the doors were closing and nearly collided with him. As I did, I was like, "he looks familiar." Then it came to me as we rode the next few stories together. He was talking with another guy, his agent/publisist perhaps?

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