Glam Media Happy Hour

Tonight I headed to the 2nd happy hour for local L.A. network bloggers held this year at The Belmont Cafe in West Hollywood. I got to see some familiar faces again--the awesome M.K. from PopBytes, LA Story's chic Stevie Wilson, HollyScoop and the sweet Sandra from Debutante Clothing.

Among some calamari and wine, I also met some new bloggers: a former Jersey couple with the healthy food blog Dani Spies (do check out their video on making chocolate covered strawberries, just make sure you eat first because now my stomach is growling); Maegan with &; and Robert from Coochicoos, a modern parent's resource to innovative baby design.

Using a Flip camcorder (I'll blog about that soon) I asked PopBytes for the latest celebrity gossip live, enjoy:


  1. Nice scoop on Jen Anniston! Why do girls fight over Owen Wilson??

  2. How do you get invited to all these cool LA things??? I'm so jealous! :)

  3. Is every guy in California gay?
    Thanks for turning me on to the
    video-recorder... looks very cool.
    I'm going to check it out for myself.

  4. That little video camera works well.

  5. Tara - thanks for the was so great to meet you! And you were right, the pink flip is so much cuter;).

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