Vote help

My friend Ravi (the garlic wine prankster) is the cofounder of VoteHelp, a site that allows voters to take a survey to see which candidate they are most compatible with based on issues that they care about. According to their tagline "VoteHelp is a nonpartisan candidate calculator that tracks the main politicians' stands on important issues." Thus, a great tool for those who aren't sure which candidate is for or against what.

I'm planning to vote for Hillary and actually picked her as my second choice (96.52% compatibility) , my first being Bill Richardson, but let's face it, he doesn't have a chance.

The former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, gave my college's graduation commencement and I'm excited over the possibility that one day my daughter could actually dream of being president too. I know I never did, yet the boys I used to babysit would say they were going to be president when they grew up and I used to think, wow, they're lucky. They are now a musician and a screenwriter by the way :)
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