I'm in Detroit

and it's freakin cold (high of 17F). My blood has definitely thinned since moving to L.A., because this former East Coaster can't take it. It doesn't help that I forgot to pack a hat and I could only find gloves that had the fingers cut out at the ends. No warm coat either. I do have my nice big wool scarf though and have been wrapping it around my face and ears to fight the biting wind.

Anyway, I'm in Michigan for the first time but just for a couple of days for work (giving a presentation on blogging) and to visit their big annual auto show. It's amazing how much the state of Michigan depends on the automobile industry and all the jobs and economy it creates, although the latter is suffering right now.

Although I got to see downtown's skyscrapers with its intricate architecture that you can tell must have been grand at some point and drove by the Eminem made famous, 8 Mile Rd, I'm not really staying in Detroit itself but the extremely charming town of Birmingham, 20 minutes away. With the snow falling since I arrived and the Christmas lights still up on the trees at night, I feel like I'm on the set of It's a Wonderful Life. Their are a lot of boutiques nearby, but I doubt I'll have a chance to shop. Better off I'm sure.

Back to the auto show though, it's my second time going to one, having visited New York's auto show two years ago. Of course the big theme this year is going Green, via new hybrid cars and trucks, hydrogen gas (fuel cell) powered cars that emit oxygen instead of pollutants and the improved diesel run cars. I only wish these options were around when I was leasing my Jetta last year, because not only are these models better for the environment but are cheaper solutions in the long run when it comes to refueling and the added tax breaks. They all were very stylish too I must say.

Here I am in a sexy orange Corvette inside the auto show:


  1. I'm in the same boat--I bought a car in late '06 and I'm wondering if I really should have spent the extra few thousand for a hybrid.

    Maybe you can make some recommendations when you get back.

    durante vita

  2. I've been thinking of going green. So many of my friends in SF have hybrids... I'm doing the commute to work via BART, MUNI and company shuttle at the moment, so I don't even have a car. It has been great! Yet, carpooling with a hybrid wouldn't be so bad either...I constantly get stuck at work with OVERTIME....so, it would add some flexibility, right?

  3. I agree on the fuel efficient cars and all, but I have a real soft spot for a woman in a Volkswagen.

  4. Durante, Yeah I'll send you some suggestions.

    Aw I guess I should stick to my VW Jetta then Absent Canadian ;) lol

  5. Hey! You were practically in my neighborhood. Well, only a couple of hours away. ;) How long did you stay?