December 11, 2007

It's begining to look a lot like

Christmas! At least in our condo. We got a real tree this year, albeit a mini one, but since we won't even be here on the holiday itself, it makes sense. Also, our place is small and it's just the two of us. So whatcha think of our Charlie Brown tree? It's a step up from the plant that I had in NYC.

I got the following martini holiday decorating idea from Hostess with the Mostess. I usually put these mini Christmas bulbs in a fish bowl type vase that I have, which I still did but with the assorted colors only and kept the red bulbs to put inside my green martini glasses. Flirty fun.


  1. your tree's cute. i got one that's about that size this year too. and mine's potted. i love it, but it's kind of sad that it's only big enough to house about 7% of the designated tree decorations i have. :(

    cute idea with the martini glasses. i'm going to keep that one in mind...

  2. I like the Martini Glass idea. looks like cherries! fun.

  3. I like the tree...definitely better than a plant!

  4. Love love love the martini glasses! It's totally you.

  5. looks great, Tara! so glad you liked the idea ;)


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