The Office encounter

This morning I left my office to deliever something for a client and while doing so I met an actor from the TV show "The Office." Ed Helms who plays Andy Bernard in the series. I'm told he plays the suck up. I don't actually watch the show, so I didn't recognize him, but he looked somewhat familiar and then I realized like his co-star Steve Carrel, he was also a correspondent on The Daily Show, thus is politician/reporter look.

He was there filming an opening seqment for a trade show event that my client is hosting and unlike when I was working in the same room as The Cheetah Girls, he did not ignore "the little people" and instead said to me, "Hello, my name is Ed." I said my name was Tara and that I was on the PR side, whatever that meant. I didn't get to see him film his bit though, just was there while he was getting ready and deciding which tie to wear. I also overheard about how "The Office" doesn't have any more shows recorded because of the WGA strike, thus the recent re-runs and his availability for this promo. But when I was leaving, I wished him good luck on the filming.

If you a fan of The Office, get up to speed on the series by playing the DVDs on portable
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and see what you've been missing. There's really nothing better than snuggling up in a recliner with a good DVD or book.


  1. Ah! You met Ed Helms! That's awesome. His character is really funny :-)

    p.s. I LOVE your blog layout. It's adorable!

  2. I love when celebs are not above the "little people", very refreshing.

  3. Hi, I found you randomly on the web. :)

    I LOVE this show, it's so fabulous! My dad does some acting on the side & it's always fun to hear which actors are genuinely kind & which don't give you the light of day.


  4. i love that he was so cool and down to earth. that's awesome.

  5. I love that show. Ed is a new-be the past two seasons. I'm glad he's a nice guy in person.