Here comes the bride

So I bought the first wedding dress that I tried on. I tried on a few after it, but ended up buying that first one, during my first wedding dress excursion. Impulsive? Maybe, but it looked beautiful on me. Very dainty and very Tara Met Blog! ;)

I actually didn't like the dress on the hanger and was just trying it on to humor my bridesmaid who instructed me that I couldn't refuse to try any wedding dresses on and that I had to at least try it on before I rejected it. So good thing she was so militant and I complied, because the moment the dress slipped over my head, I was wowed.

I don't want to go into detail about it since Raphael reads my blog of course and I'd like him to be surprised when I walk down the aisle come September. My mother even told me to tell him that I got a long sleeve turtleneck dress, ha. But because I can't keep a secret, I have to at least tell you all about it, so I'll link to this photo that I snapped in the dressing room via my bridesmaid's cell phone while the attendant left us alone (Raphael please do NOT click on the link! Thank you). It's kind of similar to the current Brides magazine cover. My dress is by Allure.

The bridal shop that I purchased the dress from, Lili Bridals, is the same shop that my bridesmaid got her dress from and it also supplied the wedding dresses worn in the Friends episode, "The One With the Wedding Dresses." Having been obsessed with the show growing up, I think it's quite serendipitous. I'm also extremely glad to have another thing off my plate and behind me. Oh and I was able to get the sample dress at a discount, just need to get it tailored now.
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