Dear Aunt Tara

How are you?
Something weird just happened on my TV. Disney Channel just went blank but them I changed it to Cartoon Network and then I turned it back to Disney Channel and it worked.
This is the email I got from my 7-year-old "nephew." Well technically he's really my close family friend's son, but he calls me "Aunt Tara." Anyway, his sincere email cracked me up, what ever made him type me an email about briefly loosing his television show? Oh the dilemmas in a kid's world. How cute. He's been sending me such well typed emails on his own over the last few months, the first one surprised me, I didn't even know he had an email account. He also sent me a birthday email earlier in the month before his mom called to wish me Happy Birthday and when she tried to get him on the phone to say hello, he informed her that he already emailed me, lol.


  1. that's very cute! I like Nickelodeon the best. Sometimes my almost two year old will say...GO GO (FOR go Diego) and I have to explain that it's not on the tv at the moment!)

  2. awww adorable. Now I want my nephew to get an email account so he can send me stuff!

  3. I'm afraid to put my child on the internets... I suppose it is fine if I can monitor activity. The child will Google Zac Efron... I mean, is he cute? I just don't get it.

    durante vita

  4. These kids now a days are unbelieveable! They have so much knowledge, it's scary.