We set a date

September 20, 2008 will be the day I get married!

I picked the month of September because well, my last name (Settembre) in Italian means September. Thus, there is some signifigance. Also, since we're having the wedding in El Paso, Texas where my finance's family lives, it won't be as hot then, but still in the 80s.

Because the wedding will require my friends and family to travel, I already made and sent out the following save the date magnets from MagnetStreet.com.

Instead of using the boring wedding heart stamps from the post office, I selected these really colorful floral series called, Beautiful Blooms. Pretty no? Hopefully they will have some less blah looking love stamps when it comes time to mail out the actual invitations. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on a Katharine Hepburn stamp to come out.

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