Will you marry me?

So yeah, I left out some BIG news in my glacier post the other day. Like how Raphael proposed to me on the Meade Glacier. Yup, I'm engaged!

The reason why I've waited to blog about it is because I wanted to make the rounds and tell people first so I wouldn't hear, "I had to read about it on your blog?!"

So Raphael really surprised me. I know we own a condo together and planned on being engaged, but he threw me off the scent by saying before our trip that he was going to start looking at rings. So, in my mind I figured OK in a few months then. Yay! He was just being clever though because he already purchased a ring for me and it was hidden in his bag during our trip.

Here's how it happened: It was a rainy day in Skagway, Alaska, which has a population of only 800 people. We booked a two hour helicopter ride and glacier hike for the day. It was my first time on a helicopter and although there were six of us and the pilot on board, Raphael and I were able to sit right up in the front next to the controls. We then took off to the Meade glacier, flying over our cruise ship, the Golden Princess and over valleys and mountains.

The helicopter landed on the glacier itself since it's more than sturdy enough being hundreds of feet of ice deep. Outfitted in boots that wrap around our sneakers with spikes at the bottom for better grip, we began to walk around and discover the glacier's secrets and history. Unbeknownst to me, Raphael had slipped the only female guide a note saying that he planned to propose to his girlfriend, but where would be a good spot. She wrote back that later we would be by a stream in the glacier and that he should do it there. I was busy snapping photos and breathing in the fresh crisp air to even notice.

When we reached the blue stream, Raphael suggested we walk away from the group, I assumed he wanted a photo without the other tourists in the background, so I followed the few extra feet away from the group with him. He then leaned close and started joking by saying that he was thinking about how "cool" to get married in such a "chill" place. He said told his friends that he would, "Alaska to marry me on the glacier!" I laughed thinking that it was weird to joke about marriage though. He then went on to say a bunch more puns like that if I said "sNOw" he'd just give me more "ice," but then he feared I would get "cold feet" and that it would be a "rocky" start. I was still giggling trying to keep up with all the cute references he was saying. Then I saw him get down on his knee and say that I was his best friend and if I'd marry him. In his outstretched hand was an open black box with a ring inside.

I thought he was the best magician in the world at that moment, because it all happened so fast, like magic. I was amazed to see him on his knees with a ring out. I was thinking "how'd this happen?" I of course said YES and he slipped the ring on my finger, once he removed my glove that is. Then we were kissing and hugging and I was asking if he was serious, lol. I didn't even have time to cry more than getting misty, I was literally still in shock and blissfully happy.

The guides, having watched us, announced to the crowd that we just got engaged and everyone applauded and thought it was awesome that Raphael chose to propose to me on the glacier. I later thanked him for making it so special for me. Plus, I can now say we met on a New York City subway and got engaged on a glacier!

What does the ring look like? I've always wanted a ruby instead of a diamond. I like to be different after all. Raphael luckily knew this and picked out the prettiest red ruby I've ever seen. It's 1.3 carats and has two trillion diamonds on the sides and pave diamonds are embedded into the yellow gold (my preference) band. It's beautiful. Turns out my fingers are freakishly slim though (3.25), so even the size 5 that he ordered didn't fit. I still wore the sucker on my middle finger during the rest of our trip though, hehe. It's now being resized.

ruby engagement ringruby wedding ring
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